Student life

Preparing for Student Life

Many learners, while looking forward to studying in HE, will be nervous about the transition, challenges and pressures HE study can bring.

There may be a number of reasons why; they may be a mature learner who now needs to juggle study, work and family commitments, or someone who has never lived away from home before or a learner with a disability or medical condition which will mean they need additional support.

Universities and colleges are aware of all of these situations and do what they can to help. They will have support officers in place to advise and help where necessary. Learners will however need to be proactive in seeking out this help and not be afraid to ask. Every student will go through an induction and will be signposted to the support available once they arrive, however if they have a particular concern it would be worth making contact with their HEI before they start to take away any anxiety.