From offer to enrolment


The next steps

As soon as the applicant's place is confirmed by their HEI they will then start to receive mail and emails about enrolment, course or module choices, accommodation, Fresher’s week and induction. 

 There are a few things that now need to be done:

  1. Student Finance – students need to make sure the student loans company is informed as to which HEI they are going to be enrolling at if they have now changed the place they are now going to from when they completed their original student finance application. A list of all the contact details can be found here.  
  2. Student Accommodation – if they have decided they are going to live in student accommodation this is the time to confirm arrangements and complete a tenancy agreement with their HEI.
  3. They need to make sure they read and re read all the paperwork sent from their HEI and complete and send all information needed by the deadline set. This may include sending in copies of exam certificates.