Routes into Higher Education

Entry requirements

Getting the grades

Every HEI course will have a different set of entry requirements (in terms of qualifications achieved and sometimes work experience gained) that need to be met to enter on to a particular course. The entry requirements can be expressed in Tariff points or by the actual grade a learner needs to have from a particular qualification. Some HEIs also specify particular GCSEs a learner needs to have to enroll on their course.

Depending on the subject the learner is applying to study, an HEI may be very specific about the type of qualifications they require for entry, and the previous subjects they are required to have studied. For example: a subject such as Medicine is highly likely to require previous academic study in scientific subjects, whilst other subjects such as Law or Politics may be far more flexible, and make no specific requests. Some HEI courses may require or prefer A Levels for certain courses, whilst others may be very happy to consider other qualifications.

As entry requirements can vary greatly between courses, HEI learners need to check specific requirements on the individual HEI websites. If it is not clear, learners should be encouraged to either email or phone the admissions team directly for clarification.