Introduction to HE

What is HE?

UCAS - What is higher education?

From the beginning...

Higher Education (HE) refers to studying for a nationally recognised qualification above Level 3. There are lots of different types of Higher Education courses at levels 4-8 to suit all different types of learners at all different stages in their educational journey.

An overview of qualification types and levels is available here. For example: the first year of a degree is classed as Level 4, and a full three year degree is classed as Level 6.

Higher Education courses and qualifications are delivered at a variety of different institutions, including universities and colleges. Due to this diversity they are commonly referred to as ‘Higher Education Institutions’ (HEIs).

If your learners have Level 3 qualifications (such as A-Levels, BTEC National, or an Advanced Apprenticeship) then they could explore higher level study at 18/19 years old. However, more and more learners are entering Higher Education later on in their career. If your learners haven’t got a Level 3 qualification, there are still other options they can explore like studying alongside work and through Access Courses.