Apprenticeship Watch

With the Apprenticeship levy starting on the 6th of April, here at Linking London, we are continuing to undertake desk-top research to identify the number of higher and degree apprenticeship vacancies in Greater London. This work builds on earlier research conducted on the 1st of February by Sam Murphy, our Office Administrator. ‘Apprenticeship-Watch’ if you like, similar to the BBC’s Springwatch, but arguably less exciting and with fewer furry animals.

Using the Find an Apprenticeship service to identify current vacancies in the Greater London area, we found a total of 46 higher apprenticeship (HA) vacancies and 12 degree apprenticeship (DA) vacancies listed on the 11th of April. This compares with 40 HA and 13 DA vacancies listed on the site at the beginning of February. It is also worth noting that 11 of the vacancies found in April were also originally advertised in February. In terms of industries, IT, Business and Finance and to a lesser extent Engineering continue to dominate. 

Although the Find an Apprenticeship service has been marketed as the go-to place to find current vacancies, other organisations, notably UCAS, also provide a vacancy search function. Using the UCAS vacancy search, a total of 54 higher and degree apprenticeship vacancies were listed on the 11th of April. Several of these vacancies do not appear on the site, however, with some vacancies it is not clear whether they are a higher or degree apprenticeship.

While Sam and I are still working through the latest vacancies, our original research explored a number of factors including the selection process, entry requirements, the duration of apprenticeships and the qualifications obtained on completion. A summary of the findings of the original research were shared at the last Linking London HE in FE Practitioner meeting held in March, along with the list of vacancies. Both of these documents can be found in the Partners’ Area of the Linking London website. Our latest research will be finalised in time for the next Linking London IAG Practitioner Group Meeting taking place on the 20th of April. We plan to repeat the process again in June and share the findings at the last IAG Practitioner Group Meeting of this academic year on the 7th of June.

As you might expect, over the last month a number of new apprenticeship resources aimed at young people have been made available. WhichUni? have teamed up to produce a newly revised higher and degree apprenticeship guide, while Amazing Apprenticeships continue to develop a wide range of relevant resources, including guides and films showcasing a range of employers offering higher level apprenticeships. These resources are aimed at parents, teachers as well as aspiring apprentices. And finally, on the website All about School Leavers, a range of useful apprenticeship articles can be found.